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Coffs Harbour the growing destination of choice for retirees

Situated almost halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, this coastal town nestled on NSW’s northern coast is an idyllic spot for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in retirement.

If you’re looking to get away from the city in retirement, chances are that you’ve got Coffs Harbour on your shortlist. You’re certainly not alone; this town, perhaps best known for its ‘big banana’, is a prime location for retirement. In fact, almost one in four of the people living there are over 65.

What makes it such a popular destination for the retiree lifestyle? There are many reasons, but six best explain why this northern NSW town, which is about a six-hour drive from Sydney and a four-hour drive from Brisbane, is a destination of choice for retirees.

An incredible climate: Coffs Harbour has a very mild climate, all year. Summers are warm (this is Australia, after all), but not too hot thanks to the coastal location. Winters are mild, thanks to the northerly location, without spilling over into a tropical temperate, so humidity isn’t an issue. This means that seniors can get out and enjoy their favourite activities all year, that there will be a lower risk of heat stroke or cold-based infections and illnesses, and the cost of living is slightly lower as there is less of a need for heaters and air conditioners.

Diverse retirement living options: Coffs Harbour has been a popular location for retirees for so many years now, so it has living options and infrastructure that can cater to a wide range of retirement needs and budgets. From independent living units to serviced apartments, villages and care facilities, retirees can choose the accommodation that aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Vibrant community life: With such a large community of seniors, there are any number of activities. The town hosts an array of clubs, groups, events, festivals and markets, providing retirees with ample chances to engage in social activities, with assistance to get to venues and community groups for support where necessary.

Breathtaking natural views: The stunning natural environment in Coffs Harbour is another compelling feature. After spending so many years in busy and noisy cities, the quiet town life, coupled with diverse wildlife and plenty of beaches, forests, rivers and mountains to explore, make Coffs Harbour an incredible opportunity to get back to nature and find peace.

Easy access to the rest of Australia: Although Coffs Harbour is an escape, it’s also not one that makes the rest of the country inaccessible. There is easy access to major cities and other regional centres via road and rail, and the airport is one of the busier and well-supported regional airports. The town is also equipped with local amenities such as shops, cafes, restaurants, medical services that understand the needs of senior citizens and entertainment venues.

Rich cultural heritage: Most retirees want to enjoy cultural experiences, and Coffs Harbour has plenty of them. The town boasts a history influenced by Aboriginal, European and Asian cultures. Various arts, crafts, museums and galleries contribute to a culturally vibrant atmosphere, allowing retirees to engage in lifelong learning and exploration.

There are very few downsides to relocating and living in Coffs Harbour as a retiree, and that’s why it has become synonymous with retirement lifestyles for senior citizens. Make sure that you can afford it – like most of the rest of Australia, Coffs Harbour real estate is rapidly increasing, but as it is a regional centre, the prices are lower than their equivalent in the cities, so you should be able to sell a city-based property and enjoy the lifestyle switch with a little extra cash in the account to help you settle in.

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