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Blockchain technology emerging as crypto’s big investment opportunity

There are now more than 22,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, but most have small market capitalisations and unclear use cases, according to a recent Invesco report. The blockchain technology underpinning them, on the other hand, could change the infrastructure of finance.

Tahn Sharpe | 17th May 2023 | More
Case for central bank digital currency in Australia still unclear: RBA

The RBA is keeping an open mind about a potential central bank digital currency in Australia, including running a pilot eAUD program next year. But many of the arguments in favour of a CBDC fall flat in the Australian context, says Assistant Governor Brad Jones.

Lisa Uhlman | 9th Dec 2022 | More
  • FTX collapse shatters trust in cryptocurrency

    The collapse of the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange, joining a growing list of crypto casualties this year, has raised serious doubts about the asset class. Observers say more rigorous oversight is coming.

    Lachlan Buur-Jensen | 16th Nov 2022 | More
    Australia readies for the Tokenization wave

    The race to tokenize is on, with Australia joining Switzerland, the US and Japan in embracing the technology

    Ishan Dan | 26th Aug 2022 | More
  • Appetite for cryptocurrencies grows alongside investor confidence

    The Syfe Investor Pulse 2022 highlights the changing structure of a retail investor’s portfolio.

    Ishan Dan | 17th Aug 2022 | More
    What is an NFT? Non-Fungible Tokens Explained 

    The NFT market had a breakout year in 2021, and there’s still heightened interest in this digital asset class despite unfavourable market conditions. But are NFTs worth the money-or the hype?

    Kimora Diep | 22nd Jul 2022 | More
    Voyager Digital is the latest domino to fall in the cryptocurrency market

    Crypto markets were dealt another blow following the demise of crypto broker Voyager Digital. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection, becoming the latest domino to fall in the beleaguered digital-asset market.

    Ishan Dan | 8th Jul 2022 | More
    Should I sell my Bitcoin?

    If history repeats and demand returns back into Bitcoin, there is a very big chance the cryptocurrency will recover almost instantly.

    Ishan Dan | 22nd Jun 2022 | More
    Celsius Network freeze hits crypto investors hard

    In case you missed it, the second crypto meltdown is underway a month after the implosion of the Terra stable coin, sent crypto markets tumbling. This crypto sell-off has claimed another casualty, ‘The Celsius Network’.

    Ishan Dan | 15th Jun 2022 | More
  • “Reasons to be optimistic” amid crypto crunch

    Speaking at the Financial Standard’s forum on the growth of Exchange Traded Products was a panel of three experts, Ganesh Balendran from ETF Securities, Dan Annan CEO of Cosmos Asset Management and William Spraggett distribution partner at 3iQ Digital Asset Management. The three discussed the rapid growth of cryptocurrency in Australia and the trends going forward.

    Ishan Dan | 9th Jun 2022 | More
    Bitcoin price tumbles on legislative hit

    Crypto can’t seem to catch a break, with prices plummeting yet again, as central banks including the RBA, continue hiking rates even higher.

    Ishan Dan | 9th Jun 2022 | More
    The Exchange Traded Product market is growing supported by the rise in hybrids

    From its infancy to now, the Exchange Traded Products (ETP) market has been growing exponentially, with 2021 becoming a record year for flows despite the COVID-19 pandemic. What started with about 126 products, has quickly grown to more than 266 products in the Australian market alone.

    Ishan Dan | 9th Jun 2022 | More
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