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Several homes, shares and, of course, luxury: How the uber-wealthy invest

Primary and secondary homes make up about a third of the total global wealth of the ultra-rich, new research shows. Commercial property and equities are also big components, with a small but increasingly valuable share going to “investments of passion”.

Staff Writer | 8th Nov 2023 | More
Thanks to rates reset, bond markets eye a 2024 ‘all about income’: AMP

Higher bond yields are making fixed income fundamentally more attractive than it was during years of ultra-low interest rates. AMP’s Diana Mousina and Chris Baker recently discussed the opportunity set as investors look to add income and defensiveness in a new paradigm.

Lisa Uhlman | 25th Oct 2023 | More
  • Don’t expect low rates to return, Oaktree’s Marks says – instead, bet on debt

    Repeating his warning that markets are undergoing a “sea change” that will see a new set of winners and losers emerge in short order, the famed distressed-debt investor said it’s time to consider a profound shift from asset ownership to lending and credit.

    Lisa Uhlman | 18th Oct 2023 | More
    Adding credit for defense in a higher-for-longer world

    With Australia facing difficult conditions as the impacts of rising interest rates continue flowing through the economy, credit remains one of the most reliable and attractive ways to add defensiveness to a portfolio, strategists from SQM Research and ICG told a recent Inside Network symposium.

    Lisa Uhlman | 13th Sep 2023 | More
  • After ‘remarkable reset’, fixed income resumes key diversifier role

    Recent economic turmoil has had the positive effect of giving fixed-income back its traditional defensive kick, says Western Asset’s Anthony Kirkham. Investors should be ready to reallocate as needed to take advantage of the renewed diversification benefits.

    Lisa Uhlman | 23rd Aug 2023 | More
    Spreading out the risk: Five ways to diversify an equities portfolio

    Diversification is key for building long-term, sustainable wealth and managing risk. While no single approach is best, using several diversification strategies offers sound protection against portfolio volatility, writes Selfwealth brand and content lead Robert Marfell.

    Robert Marfell | 26th Jul 2023 | More
    For resilient portfolios in uncertain times, advisers rely on quality

    With tighter monetary policy likely to keep returns on equities capped for the remainder of the year, advisers identify key themes that will provide growth and defence for a resilient portfolio.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 21st Jul 2023 | More
    Australian asset overweights leave SMSFs low on diversification: Analysts

    With new data showing offshore share investments comprise just 2 percent of total self-managed superannuation fund assets in Australia, advisers are warning SMSFs against overreliance on domestic shares and cash and urging diversification.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 7th Jul 2023 | More
    Capital markets assumptions key as allocators look to profit from volatility, noise

    Heightened volatility and market noise can be good things for the informed investors. That’s where capital markets assumptions come in, providing a starting point and a roadmap for portfolio construction primed to benefit from market dislocations, industry leaders said.

    Lisa Uhlman | 26th May 2023 | More
  • As equities get back to fundamentals, active management – at the right price – gains appeal

    The recent re-embrace of active equity management by Australia’s sovereign wealth fund may herald a shift in the active-versus-passive debate, industry leaders said, as market volatility prompts greater dispersion and allows active management – at the right price – to prove its worth.

    Lachlan Maddock | 24th May 2023 | More
    Small banks lead on term deposit rates as hiking cycle nears peak

    The average annual interest rate on banks’ one- and three- year term deposits has risen to 3.2 per cent from 0.25 per cent over the past year. With markets expecting the official cash rate to peak soon, savers looking to lock in attractive rates will find the best deals with smaller, newer banks, analysts say.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 28th Apr 2023 | More
    Long-term returns data compelling, but systemic approach to small caps required

    Small cap investing has considerable upside, which the long-term returns data show. But many small caps are less than quality grade, and the managers picking them can be rife with bias.

    Staff Writer | 31st Mar 2023 | More
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