Retirees finding comfort in materials, healthcare and financial stocks

Many born before 1946 or the Baby Boomers have been well served by shares paying fully franked dividends. But as longevity kicks in, they could need to factor in a greater emphasis on growth stocks.

Nicholas Way | 22nd May 2024 | More
Investors take heed: Central banks are seeing a silver lining in gold

It was former US President Herbert Hoover who said we have gold because we cannot trust governments. Globally, that sentiment is ringing true for many investors.

Nicholas Way | 22nd May 2024 | More
Grieving is a part of life where the experience of others can help

Coping with death is an inevitable challenge that all retirees must navigate. Here are five books – four relate to intense personal experiences – that can help you deal with the loss of a loved one.

Matthew Sainsbury | 22nd May 2024 | More
The naked truth about fake news and how to recognise it

In an era of fake news, it’s getting more difficult to separate fact from fiction. Yet it’s imperative we do so because the consequences for being deceived can be enormous.

Nicholas Way | 1st May 2024 | More
Welcome to The Golden Times

Retirees face challenges and opportunities. At The Golden Times, our ambition is to assist you navigate the former – especially financial – while revealing the new vista of opportunities a secure and dignified retirement can bring.

Nicholas Way | 10th Apr 2024 | More
Most billionaires now inherit their money, as great wealth transfer begins

It’s the first time in nine editions of the UBS Billionaire Ambitions Report that the ultra-rich inherited more money than they earned through entrepreneurship, suggesting the $68 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer is already well under way.

Lisa Uhlman | 13th Dec 2023 | More
Labor’s budget ‘gift’ to retirees might be higher interest rates

The Federal Government had next year’s federal election firmly in its sights with this budget, and retirees were among the beneficiaries of its fiscal largesse.

Nicholas Way | 15th May 2024 | More
Labor’s $3m cap proposal could repeat franking credits debacle

In the 2019 federal election, Labor’s proposal to abolish cash refunds for excess franking credits went down like a lead balloon. So, will the $3 million cap proposal see Labor revisit history?

Kevin Pelham | 15th May 2024 | More
Australia could pay a high economic price for an ageing China

China needs its 1.4 billion citizens to start spending. But its ageing population is reluctant to loosen the purse strings, especially while the social security net remains inadequate.

Nicholas Way | 8th May 2024 | More
Surf’s up: Making waves in retirement

Forget the bucket list. Far better to find a pursuit, whether it be a sport or hobby, which you can derive pleasure day in, day out.

David Murphy | 23rd Apr 2024 | More
INDepth with Ashton Reid from Martin Currie

Ashton Reid from Martin Currie goes in-depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on income-focused returns from the upside of urban population growth.

The Inside Investor | 25th Sep 2023 | WatchPause
INDepth with Anthony Kirkham from Western Asset Management

Anthony Kirkham from Western Asset Management goes in-depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on bonds are back.

The Inside Investor | 20th Sep 2023 | WatchPause
INDepth with Tim Lowe from Lowe Living

Tim Lowe from Lowe Living goes in-depth with Drew Meredith from The Inside Network on a next level property investment with Lowe Living.

The Inside Investor | 7th Aug 2023 | WatchPause
Who is Lowe Living?: IN60 with Tim Lowe from Lowe Living

Tim Lowe from Lowe Living speaks to Drew Meredith from The Inside Network for our IN60 series.

The Inside Investor | 2nd Aug 2023 | WatchPause
BIT #6: The future of listed infrastructure with ClearBridge Investments portfolio manager Nick Langley
The Inside Investor | 8th Jan 2024
BIT #2: Investment dynamism with Paul Saliba from SQM Research
The Inside Investor | 11th Oct 2023
BIT #3: Super fund benchmarking with Ian Fryer from Chant West
The Inside Investor | 11th Oct 2023
BIT #4: Advice pricing paradigms with Rob Jones from Peloton Partners
The Inside Investor | 11th Oct 2023
BIT #5: Advicetech attraction with Pete Worn from Finura Group
The Inside Investor | 11th Oct 2023
BIT #1: Compliance matters with Sean Graham from Assured Support
The Inside Investor | 24th Sep 2023
Franklin Templeton wins big as fund manager award winners revealed

The 35th iteration of the awards saw Franklin Templeton Australia beat out fellow finalists BlackRock, Lazard, VanEck and Macquarie Asset Management to take out the Fund Manager of the Year award.

Staff Writer | 23rd Jun 2023 | More
Woolworths, Northern Star recognised for governance at 2023 ASA Awards

The Australian Shareholders’ Association recently held its second annual ASA Awards in recognition of best corporate governance, honouring Woolworths Group for its shareholder communications and Northern Star Resources for improved governance standards.

Staff Writer | 12th May 2023 | More
How to get the most out of being a lounge lizard

Remember those days when television was black and white, and the ABC and three commercial channels (less in some states) were the only game in town. Today, it’s a smorgasbord of choice, with this article detailing some of the better options.

Matthew Sainsbury | 15th May 2024 | More
Ageism is the latest industry excuse to criticise SMSFs

From their inception, SMSFs have always attracted more than their fair share of criticism. Now it’s an ageing membership that’s being used to restrict their numbers.

Kevin Pelham | 23rd Apr 2024 | More
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