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Most billionaires now inherit their money, as great wealth transfer begins

It’s the first time in nine editions of the UBS Billionaire Ambitions Report that the ultra-rich inherited more money than they earned through entrepreneurship, suggesting the $68 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer is already well under way.

Lisa Uhlman | 13th Dec 2023 | More
To tap the US tech boom, a quality approach helps filter out the froth

Focussing on the quality of a company and how it’s likely to perform is a key part of a high-conviction strategy, says fund manager Claremont Global. It’s also a useful strategy for investors who want access to the AI-fuelled tech phenomenon in the US without getting caught up in the noise.

Lisa Uhlman | 6th Dec 2023 | More
  • Geopolitical risks ebb and flow, but investors may regret ignoring China

    Tensions in Australia’s relationship with China, along with our neighbour’s weak growth other headwinds, have Australians shying off investing in the world’s second largest economy. But given the countries’ deep connections, ignoring China is easier said than done.

    Staff Writer | 6th Dec 2023 | More
    For underperforming active funds, too many stocks may spoil the broth

    The “decidedly subpar” investor experience with managed funds is often down to two factors – overstretched portfolios and human bias – that a high-conviction focus on quality stocks can help avoid, according to Claremont Global’s Bob Desmond.

    Lisa Uhlman | 8th Nov 2023 | More
  • ‘Leapfrog’ model primes Asian PE to outperform: Morgan Stanley

    The best Asian private equity funds often outperform their developed-market counterparts, with less underlying leverage and more growth potential. Several structural tailwinds also support opportunities for the right PE strategies in Asian markets, says Morgan Stanley.

    Staff Writer | 6th Sep 2023 | More
    Panama Canal woes fuel supply-chain fears for the long haul

    With global growth expectations already under pressure, drought-fuelled disruption to the Panama Canal shipping route is bringing supply-chain slowdowns back to the fore, just in time to do maximal economic damage.

    James Dunn | 30th Aug 2023 | More
    As markets eye US debt ceiling deal, some see bigger debt problems ahead

    While analysts see a negotiated deal as the most likely outcome, a compromise is still not guaranteed. The bigger concern, they say, stems from ballooning government debt loads across developed markets in the wake of pandemic spending.

    Lisa Uhlman | 31st May 2023 | More
    India still looks expensive, but all signs point to more growth: Mason Stevens

    India’s booming population has many considering whether and how to get exposure to its market, despite its year-to-date underperformance. While it may not be the next China, India’s growth prospects remain attractive, driven by multiple tailwinds, and investors now have more points of access, Mason Stevens says.

    Lisa Uhlman | 24th May 2023 | More
    Strong quarter for global markets likely a ‘reckoning deferred’

    While global markets recorded a second consecutive quarter of growth in Q1, only 13 per cent of ASX200 results beat forecasts, and signs that an economic reckoning is ready to unfold are flashing red, analysts say.

    Lisa Uhlman | 12th May 2023 | More
  • Australia’s growth prospects darken as world enters ‘perilous phase’: IMF

    With rising financial stability risk complicating the already uncertain outlook for global economies, the IMF warns a hard landing is becoming more likely, while Australia is set for particularly weak growth in the short-term. Inflation remains the prevailing concern.

    Lisa Uhlman | 14th Apr 2023 | More
    Currency swings don’t deter Australians from offshore investments

    For those planning to invest in offshore assets, the decision whether to hedge currency exposure is an important one as movements in the Australian dollar can either erode or add value to an investment.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 22nd Mar 2023 | More
    Adani attack puts focus on valuation concerns – and activists’ motives

    An explosive report by activist short seller Hindenburg Research led Adani Group to shelve a planned US$2.5 billion equity sale and wiped $120 billion from the multinational conglomerate’s market value. While activist short reports should be taken with a grain of salt, market observers said, some of Hindenburg’s key claims are likely valid – including that Adani was vastly overpriced.

    Lachlan Buur-Jensen | 15th Feb 2023 | More
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