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Podcasts are an ideal way to broaden your horizons

This popular medium is having growing appeal with retirees as they embrace topics ranging from comedy to health and gardening. Just be careful you don’t become addicted.

Podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium for sharing ideas, telling stories and entertaining audiences. A Pew Research Centre study shows 35 per cent of people aged 50-64, and 27 per cent of people aged over 65, are listening to a podcast at least a few times a week, a number that keeps growing.

Part of the appeal is that there are so many different podcasts, but this also makes it hard to find the perfect podcast for your interests. To help you out, here are a list of the best five podcasts for senior citizens. These cover a wide range of topics and should help you get started down the rabbit hole of podcast content.

This past weekend: A comedy podcast that will have you in stitches. Hosted by Theo Von (pictured), a stand-up comedian and actor, it’s a mix of hilarious stories, jokes and observations about life, culture and current events. Theo also interacts with his listeners, answering their questions and comments, and giving them his honest and witty opinions. This podcast is not for the faint of heart as he does not shy away from controversial or sensitive topics, but he always does it with humour and charm.

Ageing in full bloom: As the title suggest, it’s a podcast that focuses on health and wellness for older adults. Hosted by Lisa Stockdale, a senior living expert and advocate, it covers topics such as nutrition, exercise, mental health and ageing in place. She interviews experts, caregivers and seniors who share their insights and experiences on how to age gracefully and happily. If you are looking for practical advice and inspiration on how to live your best life in your golden years, this podcast is for you.

Stuff you missed in history class: If you are a history buff or a curious learner, you will love this podcast. It explores the lesser-known stories and events from the past. From ancient civilizations to modern times, it covers a wide range of topics such as the history of chocolate, the origins of rock paper scissors and the mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke.

Gardening Australia:
It’s a podcast that brings you everything you need to know about creating and growing a beautiful, healthy garden. Whether you are a novice or an expert gardener, you will find useful tips and tricks on how to care for your plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs. You will also learn about the latest trends and innovations in gardening, as well as the benefits of gardening for your physical and mental well-being.

How I built this: It’s a podcast that features the stories of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and innovators in the world. Hosted by Guy Raz, it takes you behind the scenes of how some of the most iconic brands and companies were built such as Airbnb, Instagram, Starbucks and more. You will hear about the challenges, failures and breakthroughs that these founders faced along the way, as well as the lessons and advice they have for aspiring entrepreneurs.

These are just a small selection of the podcasts that are available. Of course, you don’t have to listen to podcasts designed for senior citizens. There is a wealth of podcasts about literature, music, film, hobbies, travel and more that you can explore, according to your interests, too.

Just beware – once you get going it’s going to be hard to stop. The best way to enjoy podcasts is to have them on while you’re doing other things such as travel, gardening, housework or exercise. That way they won’t chew up a big chunk of your day.

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