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Greg Bright

Consulting Publisher

Greg Bright is a busy former full-time journalist who refuses to use the word 'retiree'. He is still trying to think of a new one.

Greg Bright results

The trials and tribulations of a Retirement Commissioner

Getting the right policy mix for ageing populations is a vexed issue globally. Just ask Diane Maxwell, who spent nearly six years clashing with vested interests while trying to reform the New Zealand system.

Greg Bright | 29th May 2024 | More
Mental health: enough awareness; action needed

Thanks in part to the pandemic, employers have sufficient awareness of mental health problems in the workforce, their human and economic costs. Now is the time for programs to solve them. A multi-country multi-industry webinar last week (December 9) looked at how employers should learn from the impact of covid-19 and put in place processes…

Greg Bright | 15th Dec 2021 | More
Why the super party might be over

Strong super returns are about to encounter significant headwinds. And with the government prowling for more money, funds might once again foot the bill. It’s no secret that market conditions have been enormously supportive over the last decade – and that super has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of those conditions, particularly through 2020,…

Greg Bright | 10th Dec 2021 | More
Forget value vs growth

Howard Marks, one of the investment world’s more celebrated investors, has added his voice to other celebrated investors in decrying continued use of the terms ‘value’ and ‘growth’. The co-founder and co-chair of Oaktree Capital Management, the Los Angeles-based firm renowned for its predominantly fixed income and credit strategies, addressed the opening session of the…

Greg Bright | 30th Oct 2021 | More
A nudge easily as good as a wink

You can do a lot with a well-thought-out nudge, but you probably can’t solve either of the crises of the moment, covid-19 and climate change, according to Richard H. Thaler. The behavioural economist and Nobel Laureate addressed a predominantly Australian webinar audience last week (August 24), organised by the University of Sydney Business School, where…

Greg Bright | 27th Sep 2021 | More
  • PIMCO’s recipe for portfolio protection

    While there has been much talk about renewed inflation and its harm to portfolios, thanks largely to the US economic recovery, the consensus is this will be transitory. That may be wrong. PIMCO, the world’s largest fixed income manager, believes that there is more risk in the current inflation bogey than the market is anticipating….

    Greg Bright | 22nd Sep 2021 | More
    Buying opportunities in LIC upheaval

    The evolution of the listed funds market, dating back nearly 100 years in Australia, turned into a revolution over the past two years. The current discounts represent a buying opportunity. Felicity Thomas, senior private wealth adviser at Shaw and Partners, told an investor webinar last week (August 5) that the discount opportunity for “good-quality” listed…

    Greg Bright | 11th Aug 2021 | More
    Good news tipped on dividends and buybacks

    Investors can expect good news for stocks in the most popular ASX companies in the reporting season this month. Consensus forecasts on corporate earnings are the highest for more than ten years. With about 170 of the S&P/ASX 200 companies reporting between now (early August) and early September, this season’s results, in the middle of…

    Greg Bright | 9th Aug 2021 | More
    ATO ruling tough on SMSFs in ‘arm’s length’ melee

    Peter Burgess of the SMSF Association was able to announce the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) decision himself yesterday and provide instant expert criticism for the association’s members. Burgess, the association’s deputy chief executive and director of policy and education, opened the annual ‘Technical Summit’, held virtually, with the “breaking news” that the ATO had that…

    Greg Bright | 28th Jul 2021 | More
    Warning, adult themes: very bad news for investors

    If the news that annual investment returns for the next ten-or-so years will be only 1 per cent-2 per cent has not yet sunk in, then listen to this. This is a 15-minute video from Research Affiliates in the US, designed as an introductory demonstration of a free asset allocation tool for its big super…

    Greg Bright | 4th Jul 2021 | More
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