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What does High Conviction mean?

Often used to describe a particular type of investment style, e.g. the High-Conviction Equities Fund, conviction is all the rage in equity markets today. This type of strategy usually has between 20-30 stocks (or any other asset, for that matter) which are considered high-quality blue-chip investments that have a strong competitive position and high market…

Ishan Dan | 10th Mar 2021 | More
Five ways professional advisers are using ETFs

The exchange traded fund sector moved from strength to strength in 2020, seeing massive flows from retail and professional investors alike. They have also been among some of the best performing investments for the year. Yet with such a great diversity of opportunities available to even the most inexperienced investors, it has never been more…

Drew Meredith | 24th Feb 2021 | More
Bumper year for ETFs despite volatility

Vanguard this week released its ETF Quarterly Report highlighting some of the key trends emerging from the fast-growing ETF sector. The analysis covered every exchange-traded fund on offer, including the reasonably new “active ETFs” such as those issued by Magellan, Munro Partners and Loftus Peak. It was another quarter of records, with the sector seeing…

Staff Writer | 10th Feb 2021 | More